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Cork Baptismal Registers
Please be aware of the following points;
  • Transcribing is not an easy task. In many cases the original reregisters are extremely difficult to read, and one’s interpretation of the written word often differs from individual to individual transcribing and those who double-check, and double-check prior to data entry.
  • Additionally, some letters in old handwriting are often difficult to recognize or are commonly confused because of curls and flourishes. There are also differences in old style when compared to todays.
  • There may be cases of total miss-transcribing, and as a consequence, incorrectly entered into original database.
  • On the vast number of occasions, the priest recording the entry detail often use abbreviation for names, and address. Many names are also recorded in their Latin form. Others are simply misspelt.
  • These are good reasons enough for employing our standard naming convention, and ask that you simply complete our downloadable "Request for Information" document in order that you may provide us with as much known information as possible.
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