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William Joseph Coppinger - Union Lodge Carrigtwohill & Midleton Distiller

William Joseph Coppinger & Margaret O'Brien

Union Lodge Carrigtwohill

On the 30th April, William Joseph Coppinger of ‘Union Lodge’ Carrigtwohill married Margaret O’Brien at Kilcor as reported by Cork Constitution, 8th May 1832, the home parish of the bride’s family. She, as Mrs Coppinger, with her brother Cornelius owned considerable lands and properties within the parish of Kicor.

It was at 'Union Lodge' were the couple's first child, a son was born the following year, as announced by the Southern Reporter, 21st May 1833.

Cork Constitution,
8th May 1832
Southern Reporter,
21st May 1833

By August that year ‘Union Lodge’ and land were put out to let.

Southern Reporter,
21st May 1833

For some time, it was unknown where ‘Union Lodge’ with its 30 acres of land might once have been at Carrigtwohill, as today there is no such property name. After much searching of contemporary maps, the precise location was eventual discovered to be just north of the village in the townland of Carhoo.

Then, three years later it was the residence of the Reverend William Gifford, where his first child's birth was announced by The Southern Reporter, 28th April 1836, naming Rev Gifford as Rector of Mogeesha, Ballyvodock East.

At the time of Griffith's Valuation, Hughes Martin was the occupier, who leased the property from William Coppinger. Was this William Joseph, or William of Barryscourt?

Glenmore Cottage, Cove

The Cork Constitution, 14th October 1834, confirms the birth of the couple’s second son born, 11th October. Then, the Limerick Chronicle, 29th June 1836, announces the birth of a daughter. Cork Constitution, 18th April 1839, tells of a son. The Tipperary Vindicator, 3rd July 1844 announces birth of another daughter. The Weekly Freeman's Journal, 1st March 1851, another son. All at Glenmore Cottage, Cove.

The next exercise to undertake was a physical search of the Carrigtwohill and Cove parish registers; many of which are in a poor state of repair. With the exception of Stephen who was baptised at Carrigtwohill, all their children were found at Cove. [Bracketed] of following tabulation means entry unable to be clearly read.

Baptised Date Baptised Child Godparents
1 20 May 1833 Stephen Thos O’Brien & Abina Coppinger
2 13 Oct 1834 John John O’Connor & Abina Coppinger
3 30 June 1836 Maria Wm Coppinger & [Wm] P Coppinger
4 22 April 1839 Henry Joseph Byran Terry My (Mary) [….]
5 30 July 1844 Mary Catherine Stephen Ashlin & Cath O’Brien
6 2 March 1851 Margaret Henry O’Brien & Eliza [Moystern]

Subscribing to his publication, ‘Topographical Directory of Ireland', 1837, Samuel Lewis has William Joseph Coppinger’s address as 'Glenmore Cottage', Cove. Then then the Guys’ Postal Directory of 1844/45 also has him at this address. Under Midleton section within the same directory is listed John & Joseph Coppinger’s Brewery. After this date Coppinger's Brewery is no longer listed anywhere.

Family deaths at the Midleton Brewery House

It was at the Coppinger's Midleton Brewery where his second daughter died as announced, Southern Reporter, 8th June 1854. The following year William Joseph dies, 5th April. His death notice being published, Freeman Journal, 11th April 1855.

Southern Reporter,
8th June 1854
Dublin Freeman Journal,
11th April 1855

The last occupant of ‘Brewery House’, Main Street, Midleton was William Joseph’s widow, Margaret O’Brien. Upon her death she bequeathed the 'Brewery Concerns' and property in Midleton with the 'Stores & Yard in Gallow Hill, Bandon', and £500, to her son and sole executor, Henry Coppinger of Tivoli Gardens, an Auditor and bachelor, who died at the Pacific Hotel, Youghal, 14th August 1909, aged 60. That same year, Margaret’s son, by now Brigadier-General, John Joseph had died in America.

One of the witnesses was John Coppinger Ashlin, son of John Musson Ashlin & Dorinda Coppinger.

To her daughters; Allice, Mary, and Margaret she left £400 each.

Henry's spinster sister, Alice, also died at Tivoli Gardens, 15th July 1902, aged 64. Both were buried at St Joseph's Cemetery, as was Thomas Stephen Coppinger, whose death also took place at Tivoli Gardens, 1886. Alice's bequeathed her estate valued £1.229 7s 6d by her Will proved, 11th September 1902, to her sister Margaret.

Burke's Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland

Sir John Bernard Burke’s “A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland”, of 1871, has his name inverted as, John William Coppinger of Gronacloyne (misspelt Granacloyne), and does not mention his children. For the subsequent publication of 1875 it was corrected, but only naming his son Lieutenant-Colonel John Joseph Coppinger.

Alongside is the relevant extract of Burke's publication with family highlighted. William Joseph was the son of Joseph Coppinger of Granacloyne and Alicia Coppinger who were first cousins.

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