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Irish Citizenship & Passport Applications

Irish Citizenship by Descent

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New Irish Citizenship
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There are many reasons why those of Irish ancestry would what to of obtain Irish Citizenship; not least of which would be in pursuance of an Irish Passport application, a right granted by the Irish Government, originally introduced as a ‘ Certificate of Irish Heritage’ as an official recognition by the Irish Government of those who are proud of their Irish Ancestor and their own Irish heritage. The scheme was discontinued, with no further certificates issued after 24th August 2015

According to the Irish Times, 17th August 2015, “Just 2,925 certificates have been purchased since the scheme began in September 2011”, at a cost of €40 for a piece of paper to prove the recipient’s Irish roots, or €120 with a frame; very different to receiving our own fully qualified family history report complete with the now being issued Irish Official Birth or Marriage certificate.

Another more recently, was due to the global interests surrounding the year long events celebrating and in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, ultimately leading to the founding of the Irish State. It is anticipated that similar activities shall take place during the course of 2022, the centenary of Ireland as  an independent state was finally established under the Anglo-Irish Treaty of December 1921.

Then in the summer of the same centennial year of the Eater Rising, the UK (Brexit)  referendum took place resulting in their exiting the European Union.

These two single events has resulted in a flurry of Irish Passport applications. For full official Irish government guidance information, reference may be made to either the Citizens Information Board and/or the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service. Once you are satisfied with the requirements we would be in a position to obtain Official birth and marriage certificates to enable you to order your ‘Passport to Europe’, a phrase borrowed from a satisfied client with his new possession.

Who may apply for Irish Citizenship - a Basic Guide

There is no physical application form. The process may only be completed via a simple online procedure, through The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Their website published fees for 2019, payable on completing online application, include for postage of certificates of €278.00 for over 18s, and €153 for under 18s.

An applicant may obtain Irish citizenship through the Foreign Birth Registration scheme if;

  • one of your parents was an Irish citizen born in Ireland you are automatically Irish, so no need to apply for citizenship,
  • you were born outside of Ireland, though one of your grandparents were born on the island of Ireland,
  • one of your parents was an Irish citizen at your birth, even though they were not born on the island of Ireland,
  • your parent became an Irish citizen through Foreign Birth Registration or Naturalisation prior to your birth and you were born outside Ireland, you can apply for Foreign Birth Registration,
  • your children were born after your entry onto the Foreign Births Register then they too are eligible to apply for entry on the register.

Once this process is completed, and approved, that person has become an Irish citizen entitled to apply for an Irish passport.

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